Welcome to CaseManagement

CaseManagement is an open source framework enabling any DOTNETCORE solutions to host a CMMN engine. It supports most of the concepts introduced by the Case Management Model And Notation (CMMN) standard version 1.1 for examples :

  1. Human task : Task that is performed by a Case worker.
  2. Automatic task : Can be used in the Case to call a Business process.
  3. Sentry : combination of an “event and/or condition”.
  4. Milestone : represents an achievable target.
  5. Case file : represent a piece of information of any nature, ranging from unstructured to structured and from simple to complex, which information can be defined based on any information modeling language.

Github: https://github.com/simpleidserver/SimpleIdServer

Nuget feed: https://www.myget.org/F/advance-ict/api/v3/index.json