Architecture overview

  • CaseManagement (CM) Website : the website is developed with angular. It is used by case workers or business analysts to manage the lifecycle of cases for example : manually activate a task or edit the definition of case plans.
  • Identity server : OPENID server used by the solution to authenticate the end-user and limit the access to certain API operations based on the claims of the end user, for example : only a user with the role businessanalyst can update a case plan.
  • CaseManagement (CM) API : REST.API service which exposes operations to interact with the engine for example : update the case plan or launch a case plan instance.
  • CaseManagement Engine : Execute a case plan instance.

Domain model

The DDD aggregate pattern has been used to identify the different domain models present in the CaseManagement API.


Clustering model

The case engine can be distributed to different nodes in a cluster. Each case engine must then connect to a shared database.